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Once in a year, go somewhere you've never been before

Nothing beats the experience of travelling far and wide to see places and things outside our every day routine. Our clients agree with us and have beautiful memories to show for it. Think travel, travel LIBERTY!

  • In July 2016, My husband and I travelled to Dubai through Liberty Tourism and the experience was fantastic! We had lots of fun on our desert safari, romantic dinner boat cruise and even a guided tour of the city and a visit to the famous Burj Al Arab. I can’t wait to see their plans for our vacation next year!

    Mr. and Mrs. Adebayo
    Mrs Adebayo, Ibadan
  • In 2014, I met a staff of Liberty Tourism who convinced me to apply for a US visa despite several denials within 3 years. We applied as a family and not only have we travelled to the US, we have also been to the UK, Italy, and Spain through their arrangements! We highly recommend their excellent service.

    Mr. and Mr.s Odebiyi
    Mr & Mrs Odebiyi, Lagos
  • I got to know about Liberty Tourism through a friend who had used their services. Although I was a bit sceptical at first, I agreed to have them arrange our family vacation to Orlando, Florida. From the visa applications to tour, hotel and flight arrangements, we had a wow experience! We are now proud members of their vacation club and have visited places like Scotland, Milan and Cape Town

    Oladele Family
    Oladele family, Abuja
  • I am a Diamond member of Liberty Tourism and I must say their services are awesome! I can stay in any city in the world all I need is just to make a request. I have also enjoyed commissions which have financed my tours to 3 countries!

    Mr. Duke
    Mr Duke, Akwaibom
  • My trip to Paris for shopping in 2015 was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Liberty Tourism took care of everything from the visa applications to the sight seeing. It was an incredible experience. I bought lots of items for my personal use and even for re-sale back in Nigeria. The trip was well worth the expense.

    Miss Adeoti
    Miss Adeoti
  • Our Dubai trip was full of fun and excitement. Liberty Tourism really delivered on their promise of a memorable trip. They ensured all logistics were well taken care of and we didn’t have to worry about anything except catching our flight. Once in Dubai, we were picked up by their driver and taken straight to our hotel. The whole experience was worth it.

    Mrs. Abbe
    Mrs Abbe, Lagos
  • In 2015, my family and I applied for US visas through Liberty Tourism. Their visa staff was so professional and competent; we didn’t have any issue at the embassy at all! We travelled to Florida were we visited Disney world and other tourist sites and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for our next vacation

    Mr. Olusegun
    Mr Olusegun, Akure
  • I was denied US visa two times before a friend of mine introduced me to Liberty Tourism in 2014. Their visa staff assisted me with a fresh application with my wife and baby which turned out successful at the first attempt. I could hardly believe it! My wife delivered our second child in the US, and we are looking forward to applying for UK and France by 2016. Liberty Tourism is simply awesome

    Mr Ekanem, Lagos